Monday, June 18, 2012

Product of the week! 

Skinmedia Tri-Retinol Complex

Retinol provides a more youthful, vibrant, firmer and evenly colored complexion with little to no irritation.

It’s one of the best defenses on the market for a minimal investment!

With Skinmedica’s tri retinol you get three forms of vitamin A in a time release delivery system to enhance skin texture through exfoliation and skin rejuvenation.

·         Three forms of vitamin A improves the appearance of fine lines, aging and sun-damaged skin.

·         Enhances skin texture to renew and revitalize.

·         Sustained release formulation delivers vitamin A slowly to minimize irritation allowing nightly use.

If you’re a regular retinol user already try their Tri-Retinol ES with almost double the retinol power!

Do your skin a favor and purchase yours today for $55 or kick it up with the ES for $75!

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