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gloMinerals Make-up

Do you know what is in your make-up? The truth is a lot of make-up users just use whatever is on sale, but what you are putting on your skin today will affect it tomorrow. The list below is the history of mineral make-up and questions about it answered. Mineral make-up has been out on the market recently and we just want you to know what it is all about. As always feel free to call us at 303-487-5680 or visit us on the web at

What is mineral Make-up?
o Mineral makeup is a makeup that’s made up of all natural, finely ground minerals from the earth. Mineral make-up contains less or no chemicals, dyes, or preservatives compared to traditional make-up. Mineral make-up has been on the market since the mid-1970’s, but has just recently hit the main stream market. This is why it is particularly important to check labels and compare brands before buying just anything labeled Mineral make-up.

Who can use Mineral Make-up or who does in work best for?
o Almost everyone can use mineral make-up. It tends to be safer and less irritating for many skin types than other types of makeup. It is especially great for people with acne and/or Rosacea who often have trouble using traditional makeup products. Mineral Makeup can help enhance your look without the chemicals, dyes, and preservatives.

Who cannot use Mineral Make-up?
o Just like anything else if you are prone to allergies you should still check all labels even if it is considered Mineral Makeup. Mineral make-up contains minerals that some people are not use to using and are finely broken down that can be irritating to some. So always check all labels.

Why is Mineral Make-up better for your skin than other kinds of makeup?
Mineral Makeup is considered purer; it also has great benefits compared to other kinds of makeup. For example many people enjoy mineral make-up because it is light, natural, long-lasting, and gives your appearance a fresh glow. Most also contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which have an anti-inflammatory affect and other minerals that have calming affects on the skin. This is why it is partially helpful for those with Rosacea and/or acne. There are also those that feel mineral make-up is drying, irritating, and can enlarge pores and accent wrinkles, but for many this is not the case. Once again that is why it is important to read labels and also try on different brands before picking the one that is right for you.

So if Mineral Make-up is pure, can I sleep in it?
Although mineral make-up is purer than more traditional types of makeup it is still not a good idea to sleep in it. Your skin needs to be uncovered at night. Nighttime is the best time to moisturize and correct your skin and although mineral make-up is more natural it still should not be worn at night.

How does Mineral Make-up help with anti-aging and sun protection?
Most true mineral make-up contains or consists of the same basic minerals. So for example Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide can be found in mineral make-up products such as foundations and powders and offers sun protection.
Although mineral make-up contains two minerals that are often found in sunscreen, it only has an average of 15 SPF, which is not enough by its self. So it is still necessary to wear a lotion that also contains an SPF rating. Another mineral commonly found in Mineral Makeup is Silica and is great for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. By reading the ingredients on the label of each mineral make-up and sometimes doing a little research it is easy to see why
Mineral Makeup can improve and enhance the look and feel of your skin!

What is the normal price range for Mineral Make-up?
Most Mineral Makeup products will run from $10 to $50 depending on the name brand and the quality of the
makeup. Many common brands found in the supermarket are starting to catch onto the trend and will sell their “mineral make-up” for much cheaper than say gloMinerals™. A makeup product can be labeled “Mineral Makeup”
if its primary ingredients are minerals, but not all ingredients have to be minerals. Even though they are using
minerals they may still be filling the rest of the product with preservatives and other non-natural products. Where
as a true mineral make-up does not use those and every ingredient on the label stays true to its name
mineral make-up.

How do I know which Mineral Make-up to buy?
As we just discussed before Mineral Make-up quality can vary from brand to brand. Just by reading the label and looking for things such as bismuth oxychloride you can determine if it is staying true to its name. This is a mineral but it however is not found in the earth, it is a byproduct of lead and copper processing. Many companies like to use in their product as a filler but it also pleases the clients because bismuth oxychloride is known for giving you that glow. There other minerals in products that can give you a glow without the harmful side effects though. For most it is often not a problem but for those with Rosacea, acne, or, sensitive skin it can be very irritating in large amounts. The one way to be sure if your mineral make-up is safe is by reading the label.

Who recommends Mineral Makeup?
Mineral Makeup or the right brands of mineral makeup come highly recommended. Many dermatologist, plastic surgeons, and medi-spas recommend mineral make-up to their patients especially those suffering form Rosacea, acne, sensitive skin, and ageing. It can be a great alternative for those suffering and even for those that want to improve their look and their skin.

What about gloMinerals™?
gloMinerals™ is a high quality line of mineral make-up. It is recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medi-spas. It has won awards for the past three years for American Spa Professionals Choice Awards and two years in a row for Best Makeup Line, as well as endless awards for its distinctive blend of antioxidants and UV protection. It is a great choice for those who want to use mineral make-up but do not want to be fooled by other brands. gloMinerals™ stays true to its name and provides results.

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